BizPaL Online Business Permits and Licences

BizPaL Online Business Permits and Licences

BizPaL is an innovative online service that allows business clients to easily generate a customized list of the permits and licences they require from three levels of government – local, provincial and federal – by providing some generic information about the business.

Benefits of BizPaL

Finding out which government requirements apply to a certain business type can be time consuming and frustrating. BizPaL was created to help identify what you may require, quickly and easily. The information you need is available from a single source; entrepreneurs spend less time dealing with red tape – saving effort and money in the process – and more time building their business.

This service is the result of strong collaboration between the Government of Canada and participating provincial/territorial, regional, and municipal governments and is designed with the following benefits in mind:

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  • It's free to use
  • It saves time
  • It’s available 24/7

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To conduct business in Kaslo, a vendor requires a business license issued by the municipality. Vendors may not operate on any public property (roads, streets, highways, boulevards, sidewalks, parks etc.) without a Licence of Occupation issued by Council, as well as all necessary permits, business licenses and insurance. Vendors may operate on appropriately zoned private property only with written permission of the private property owner, in addition to all necessary permits and a business license.

The cost of a business license to operate from any temporary premises is $150.

The only time the requirement for a municipal business license is waived and does NOT apply to a vendor is when that vendor is both registered with an official sponsor AND is contained within an event site.

For further information contact the Village of Kaslo, 413 Fourth Street (Box 576) Kaslo BC at (250) 353-2311 during regular office days Monday to Friday and office hours 8am to 4pm.