Liquid Waste Management

Village of Kaslo

What is a Liquid Waste Management Plan?

Liquid waste management plans allow municipalities to develop community-specific solutions for wastewater management that meet or exceed existing regulations.

Final plans are approved by the Minister of Environment only after sufficient public and stakeholder consultation has taken place.

Review the following guidelines to learn more about the planning process and what it includes:

Guidelines for Preparing Liquid Waste Management Plans (PDF)

Note on public engagement:  this is a very important piece of the process.  While the LWMP is ongoing, you can submit inquiries or information to the Village or its consultants at any time - you don't have to wait for an open house or public meeting.  Send your feedback,clearly referencing "LWMP Feedback" to and it will be passed on to True Consulting.

Kaslo Liquid Waste Management Plan Stage 2-3

On November 26th 2013, the Village of Kaslo formally adopted Stage 1 of its Liquid Waste Management Plan.  (8MB PDF file)

The second stage, refining and selecting a principal option, is now well under way:  Stage 2 of Liquid Waste Management Plan (DRAFT)

On the Village's request, the Province approved the merging of stages 2 and 3 of the LWMP summer 2017.

POSTERS:     STAGE 2            STAGE 3

During Stage 2, it became clear that a financial, bylaw and policy strategy of some scale was required to go along with and, in places,be incorporated in the LWMP beyond the normally expected levels in other jurisdictions.  This was due to the unique way that Specified Sewer Area #1 was created in the 1990s.  The report that resulted from work on this issue is here:

Sewer and Rate Restructure Report (Fred Banham Associates)