Liquid Waste Management

Village of Kaslo

Liquid Waste Management Plan

Background Information

Two primary methods of wastewater treatment and disposal are used in the Village of Kaslo.  They are;

  • On-site sewerage systems (ie. private septic systems)
  • Centralized wastewater system (municipal collection and treatment)

Links to general information on operation and maintenance of on-site sewerage systems are as follows:

Kaslo Liquid Waste Management Plan Stage Two

PUBLIC CONSULTATION - THURSDAY JUNE 23RD FROM 6PM - 8PM AT THE KASLO SENIORS HALL , 304 - 4TH ST.  KASLO,BC    to see the public consultation flyer click here

The public open house will discuss the options that have been explored and collect valuable feedback from residents.

The Village of Kaslo is currently requesting public input on the DRAFT Stage 2 Report (8 Mb file).  This stage develops more comprehensive costs associated with viable options and refines the planning to a particular selected option.  The objectives of Stage 2 include:

  1. Continue Public Consultation
  2. Examine Short List Options and Associated Costs
  3. Address the necessity and utility of an Environmental Impact Assessment
  4. Identify and Discuss Requirements for Facility Regulation

The public are encouraged to review the DRAFT Stage 2 report of the Liquid Waste Management Plan.  A summary of the key options being reviewed is provided here.

There will be an opportunity to provide input to Stage 2 during the open house on the 23rd of June..  In addition, feedback or questions can be directed to

TRUE consulting, a planning and engineering firm out of Kamloops, has been hired to assist the community through these first two stages of the plan. 

Scott Wallace, a professional engineer and project manager with True Consulting’s Trail office, describes the second stage of the LWMP as  “ an opportunity to consult with the community and narrow the list of feasible options and costs.”

The Village of Kaslo is requesting public input so that the community may help guide the direction of the plans for managing the community’s liquid waste well into the future.

Public input is important because once it is complete and approved by the Minister of Environment, there is no mechanism for appeal and it will not be necessary for the Village of Kaslo to hold a referendum to borrow funds necessary for the execution of the plan.

Questions and comments can be submitted by email to


Stage 3 of the plan will follow completion of Stage 2.  The future focus of Stage 3 is expected to include development of an implementation schedule and funding strategies (in a guiding principle format) for any proposed changes to community wide liquid waste management.

The Capital Regional District has created an informative video series:

Part 1: How septic systems work

Part 2: What can go wrong with your septic system

Part 3: Operating and maintaining a septic system

70% of the properties within the Village of Kaslo municipal boundary treat and dispose of liquid waste using on-site systems.  This is not conducive to long term Village goals.  In 2012, the Village of Kaslo chose to initiate a Liquid Waste Management planning process to assist with the following:

  1. Growth management
  2. Public health improvements
  3. Open public consultation
  4. Financing strategy

On November 26th 2013, the Village of Kaslo formally adopted Stage 1 of its Liquid Waste Management Plan.  (8MB PDF file)

This first study was an  initial review of the broad future options for the improvement, capital infrastructure replacement and growth of the Specified Sewer Area, a local area service in downtown Kaslo.  No option has been, at this time, selected.

The second stage, refining and selecting a principal option, is now well under way: