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Guidelines for Delegations


Council, as an elected body, welcomes citizens who wish to appear before them to speak to issues of interest or concern. As a delegation, there are a few simple rules.

If you wish to appear as a delegation before Council, you must notify the Corporate Officer in writing, stating your purpose and providing all written material, before noon on the Tuesday prior to a regular meeting. The Corporate Officer may schedule the delegation to another Council meeting, or to an advisory body, as deemed appropriate to the subject matter. The Corporate Officer may refuse to place a delegation on the agenda if the issue is not considered to fall within the jurisdiction of Council. If you wish to appeal the Corporate Officer's decision, you need to submit a written request to that effect to City Hall, addressed to Mayor and Council.

Delegations are given 10 minutes to make their presentation. Following the presentation, Council members have an opportunity to ask questions of the delegation. However, delegations are not a conversation between presenters and Council members. Once the presentation is complete no new information should be introduced, except at Council's request.  

The purpose of a delegation is to provide Council with information about a topic. Any requests for action or decision must be made separately and will be placed on the agenda as items of business. Please don't hesitate to contact City Hall for assistance in navigating this process.